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Maze featuring Frankie Beverly

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly
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On the agenda for the evening: To enjoy Maze featuring Frankie Beverly performing at The Beacon in NYC!

If you have never seen MFFB perform, you have deprived yourself of good music and vibes.
It is so hard for me to believe that MFFB has never received an award of any kind! That just makes no sense to me. FB talked about never receiving any awards not even from BET and how it used to bother him but then he realized he may have never received any awards, he has received many, many rewards.

I LOVED that line: no awards but plenty of rewards.

My evening started with dinner at Ocean Grill on Columbus at 78th ( The drinks, food and company were FABULOUS. My group was my two sisters Brenda & Daryl and Courtney a very good friend. If we had not gone anywhere but drinks and dinner it would have been a wonderful evening because we always have a ball together but by adding MFFB to the mix the evening was destined to be like a scrumptious cupcake with the perfect frosting and the just right amount of coconut sprinkled on top.

I was so jazzed about seeing MFFB that I had not paid attention to the opening acts when purchasing the tickets. So it was eventually a pleasant surprise to see Hal Linton, a young Barbadian singer who has been called the Soul Prince of Barbados. I say eventually because he started out with some rap/ spoken word and I was like: Not tonight, tonight I came to hear grown folks R& B/Soul music. Then he segued into a smooth Maxwell-like song that had tinges of Al Green (in my opinion). He was good and I liked what I think was his ability to gauge the audience and adapt his delivery of the song. Now I could be wrong and that was what he had planned to do the whole time but you never know….

Then Mr. Ted Wizard Mills formerly of Blue Magic came out and tore it completely up! He sang Sideshow, What’s Come Over Me, Three Ring Circus, Tear It Down, Chasing Rainbow, etc. etc. His voice was amazing especially when he was hitting the notes – the audience was singing along and loving every minute of it. Mr. Ted Wizard Mills was style personified – he entered the stage with presence and blew kisses like the old school artist he was.

After a short intermission Maze featuring Frankie Beverly set it all the way off! And you know the audience was singing right along to all the songs. Frankie and Maze were at the top of their game especially Frankie who is 62 years old. From head to toe Frankie had his usual white outfit on as he joked about having only a 3 pack, whatever because his pecs were talking to me up in the Loge section of the theater. We Are One, Joy and Pain, Southern Girl, Love Is the Key, Back in Stride, Can’t Stop the Love, I Want to Feel I’m Wanted, Can’t Get Over You, Golden Time of the Day were some of the songs that filled the Beacon with good vibes and joy!

Of course the last song was Before I Let Go which got everyone, including me on our feet. When I stood to shake my tail feather the floor was literally moving, UP DOWN UP DOWN, but I didn’t care, my feeling was: If the floor collapses I will die a happy woman because I am at a Maze featuring Frankie Beverly concert~

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