Thursday, August 6, 2015

I Am Tired of Looking for Work

Listen I am tired of looking for work but must continue because I need to make a living. I’ve surprised myself with how well I live on a small amount of money. We really can make do. And I almost forgot about the kindness of loved ones. Praise God for family. I shudder to think what my life would be like if I was not loved and my sister and I had not been raised to help each other out in lean times.

I don’t really worry-worry to tell the truth because of my Fairy Sister and my faith. It always seems when my funds are low, money comes to me via an envelope from a loving cousin with a note to have lunch on her or from an Aunt & Uncle who let me know they love me with stickers all over the envelope. Life is good and when I forget something happens to make me remember.

So I keep sending out resumes and hoping and wishing and dreaming, and most importantly trusting that the Universe will open the door at the right moment. I will say that I am down to one degree on my resume because that’s what you gotta do these days to get a job because you know if you are too educated the powers-that-be presume you will leave when the market picks up. Picks up? When?

The market has sucked for like 8 years so let us not act like things are going to rebound back to what it used to be. Not going to happen. And who cares if I do leave before 30 years pass by (yeah that kind of longevity no longer exists); in all probability the job will lay me off before I decide to move on. If I get hired because most companies utilize temp workers like someone is paying them.  Now that I think about it someone is probably getting a bonus based on lowering costs which happens when you don’t have to pay benefits, match 401K funds and pay for vacations. 

When I do manage to get an interview I make sure I don’t date myself by the things I refer to because you know when you are over 40 you don’t know anything, you’re stuck in your ways, you aren’t quick enough and just plain old. These are all silly assumptions. Truth: When you are over 40 you have an endless amount of tacit knowledge and experience, you know how to work and you don’t feel entitled to be the VP by the end of the next quarter.

So I will keep sending my abridged resume out while I am hoping, wishing, dreaming, trusting and LIVING.

Hope this has been Tasty and Informative like Cupcakes & Travel Magazines.

Peace to you all!