Wednesday, December 2, 2015

More Than One Cause At A Time

November 15, 2015

I saw this meme today and it is perfect following the support shown Parisians after the terrorist attacks. Turns out there was another terrorist attack in Beirut two days before Paris and while I didn't see anything about it I resent people posting that BlackFolks* who support Paris are somehow betraying themselves, their history, their people and THE struggle. 

I did not see any coverage on the Beirut terrorist attack and that is saying something because I am a news junkie. An undeniable truth: People, countries, governments and news organizations do prioritize the value of lives. A fact. But that will not dictate how I express myself. 

It is cowardice and bullying for anyone to imply that compassion is limited to only people who look like you, talk like you, believe like you and agree with you. Compassion is sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.  Look it up. 

Let's all do as our heart tells us and leave others to do as their heart tells them.

Meme:  What if I told you BlackPeople can care about Paris, the University of Missouri, HBCUs, Syria, Racial Equality, Nigeria, Police Brutality, Education, the 2016 Election all at the same time, without losing our 'Black Card.' It's not a damn contest. --Unknown

*My word.

I Don't Want a Vente Mocha Shakalaboom Anything from Starbucks

December 2, 2015

Why did I just leave Starbucks in Stamford Connecticut @ Exit 6 in a semi-pissed off state? Well I'll tell you.

I don't speak Starbucks so I foolishly thought good old American English with a Northeast dialect would see me through this second foray into Starbucksland. WRONG!

I asked for a large hot chocolate with whipped cream. He said vente mocha? I informed him I did not speak Starbucks and repeated Large Hot Chocolate with whipped cream. He said blah, blah, blah. I said yes. 

The price was higher than my last visit so I asked, 'Is this a large hot chocolate with whipped cream?' Mr. Headphone order taker comes over and wants to spend the next few minutes telling me I ok'd his understanding of my order. I bantered for a few seconds before cutting him off at the knees by stating loudly I ordered hot chocolate and again I don't speak Starbucks. I was amazed that he seemed more concerned with proving that I ok'd his Starbucks jibberish than getting me my hot chocolate.

Back to Donut Delight where small, medium and large are suffice to order a drink with my non-vente-white-squirt-of-caramel-shakalaboom talking self can be served quickly at a much cheaper price.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


October 27, 2015
Why are people surprised that the school cop who bench presses like 300+ lbs treated that young woman like a rag doll? Black people are not valued or viewed as worthy of respect. Not Black Men, Black Women and Black Children.

We wonder how this happens every time this happens. Let's keep it 100: Black, Red and Brown people are viewed as dangerous. Plain and simple.

No matter how you dress. No matter how you speak. No matter how much education you have. You can be on the phone (unarmed) with a tow service by the side of the road and you will be shot and killed because you must be dangerous b/c you are Black.

REMEMBER THIS: When the color of your skin is seen as a deadly weapon - YOU WILL NEVER BE SEEN AS UNARMED.

PS Here's the best part: Mr. School Cop dates a Black Woman so he can't possibly be racist as per the Sheriff. Plenty a racist has laid down with a Black Woman. Ding, ding, ding: Every slave owner who used his property the way he wanted to.

I'm sure School cop sees his Black Girlfriend as DIFFERENT, NOT REALLY BLACK and SPECIAL. All those non-compliments are used to make certain Black Folks feel like they are part of the circle. Those are INSULTS stop saying that to your special Black Friends. If they say they are cool with those words: they are LYING to you.

It all makes me want to HOLLER!

And don't get me started with the UNCLE RUCKUS teacher!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I'm Trusting, Believing & Knowing...

October 20, 2015

Things are coming together. Slowly but surely and slowly is the key word. You see I haven’t always been patient. But I’m getting better at it each day. And the situation that is serving as a path to patience for me is my job hunt.  Too many resumes sent out to count. And of course what I’d being willing to get out of the bed for, get dressed for, leave my house and possibly commute to NYC has not been presenting itself. Yes I know what we desire is not always what is best for us.

So I received yet another rejection email. The funny thing about this rejection is it was for a job I didn’t remember applying to. So I posted about it on my Facebook page and someone replied that I was supposed to be working for myself. I replied to that reply and said I understood and that I was making my way to that goal but in the meantime I needed an ‘in the meantime’ job.

The ‘replier’ sent me a link about a side gig I had never thought of: teaching college classes online. The college will train you and you don’t need teaching experience but I do have teaching via the local public schools Adult & Continuing Education program so I’m half way there.

Then this afternoon I met with someone to talk about doing social media for their small business. I’ll be posting on her company’s Facebook page, creating a blog for her, creating promotions to get people in the door and finding new catering business for her. Gig #1. Yeah!!!!

This evening I filled out an application for the online college to teach a class. Now I will wait to hear back from the school. Hopefully it will become Gig #2.

Lastly I’ve wanted to teach literacy to children for a while but found out that I will have to go back to graduate school, get certified, teach for a few years and then return to get certified as a Literacy Specialist. What?! Why is the education system making it hard to teach children how to read? I don’t have an answer but I’ve moved on to working toward becoming a Literacy Volunteer and teaching adults how to read.

So today I connected with the woman who runs the literacy program and it looks like I’ll be in the January training class. In the meantime before training starts I’ll be working with some of the people in the literacy program who need help with their resumes. Gig #3.

Things are coming together in their time not mine. I’m getting it I’m getting it. 

I’ve opened myself. I’ve reached out. And I’ve received.

Oh and I’ve finished my novel. Will do one final read through and then send off to Editor. WoooHoooo!!!!!!!

It’s all coming together. Slowly but surely. I am trusting, believing and knowing.

And as my sister Daryl used to say all the time: Staying open at the top.

I’m letting my earthly angels (the replier) as well as my other-worldly angels (Daryl, Melvina and others who have walked on) to help me.

Everything I said I want to do is coming to fruition. I will be doing all the things I enjoy.

Yes I am, trusting and believing. 

Today was a very productive day!!!


I hope this has been Tasty & Informative like Cupcakes & Travel Magazines!