Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Don't Want a Vente Mocha Shakalaboom Anything from Starbucks

December 2, 2015

Why did I just leave Starbucks in Stamford Connecticut @ Exit 6 in a semi-pissed off state? Well I'll tell you.

I don't speak Starbucks so I foolishly thought good old American English with a Northeast dialect would see me through this second foray into Starbucksland. WRONG!

I asked for a large hot chocolate with whipped cream. He said vente mocha? I informed him I did not speak Starbucks and repeated Large Hot Chocolate with whipped cream. He said blah, blah, blah. I said yes. 

The price was higher than my last visit so I asked, 'Is this a large hot chocolate with whipped cream?' Mr. Headphone order taker comes over and wants to spend the next few minutes telling me I ok'd his understanding of my order. I bantered for a few seconds before cutting him off at the knees by stating loudly I ordered hot chocolate and again I don't speak Starbucks. I was amazed that he seemed more concerned with proving that I ok'd his Starbucks jibberish than getting me my hot chocolate.

Back to Donut Delight where small, medium and large are suffice to order a drink with my non-vente-white-squirt-of-caramel-shakalaboom talking self can be served quickly at a much cheaper price.

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  1. Gurl!!!! me no speak starbaliki so I keep DD all the time lol