Friday, July 10, 2009

Rockhouse Hotel Spa!

Rockhouse Hotel Spa!
Post #11 – Friday, July 10, 2009

Back to my Jamaica vacation details: The highlight of my May Jamaica trip would be the Spa @ Rockhouse Hotel (, which is one of my favorite hotels in the world. The vibe that permeates is one of tranquil coolness. People tend to speak in hushed tones and laugh softly. The change in your tone of voice happens naturally, now the laughing part for my crew is different because we enjoy every moment of vacation and if that means we laugh loudly then so be it. LOL to the max~

Now keep in mind the Rockhouse experience is very different from the beach experience as it is located on the cliffs in the West End of Negril. All sun worshipping will take place by the pool or on the porch of your villa. I’ve only stayed in the villas – my first visit I lounged in a (regular) villa and my last visit I relaxed in a premium villa!

Everything about the place screams relaxation and now they have added a spa. That is like diving into a pool of chocolate, swimming a few laps and then laying on a chaise lounge made of marshmallow; you want to pinch yourself silly. However, don’t do that because you will miss the spa and we never want to miss a spa experience.

While we didn’t stay at the Rockhouse, we did visit their spa, which is unusual because a lot of resorts and hotels only allow guests to use the spa. Ten points for Rockhouse Hotel.

I had a 50-minute Swedish massage and then added 30 minutes for a nominal fee. 80 minutes of pampering! One hour and 20 minutes – OMG. I almost screamed out-loud when I realized that meant 30 minutes on each quadrant of my body. I didn’t because Courtney, one of my travel buddies and I were sharing a massage room so I didn’t want to disturb her vibe.

After my therapist worked my back out, I was SET for the rest of the day. I try to use visualization, breathing and just plain old letting things roll off my back to minimize stress so I am proud to say that my back knots tend to be minimal. For the few stubborn knots that refused to exit, she attacked them with strong hands that she used to knead out of existence leaving behind a puddle of Jell-O-like muscles. Cue the church music – cue the Angels singing: Hallelujah!

If you ever find yourself in Negril, Jamaica and you want to experience both the beach and the cliffs you must, must, must stay at the Rockhouse Hotel! If that doesn’t fit your budget you can just get yourself a massage and then have lunch at the restaurant. Trust me - You will not regret it.
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