Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Creativity Flowing Freely

Creativity Flowing Freely
July 20, 2009
Post #13

(I was unable to post from my Writing Retreat hence the difference in the post and today's date)

Today is the first day of my Writer’s Residency for Fairfield University in Mystic, CT on Enders Island. It feels good to be back in stride again – all you Maze featuring Frankie Beverly fans know what I am talking about.

Anywho, this morning part of chapter 1 of my novel, Chocolate Martini was work-shopped. It was good to hear both the good and the bad or what I like to call the “what they like about my work” and “areas for improvement.” Fair and supportive was what I got and you can’t ask for more than that. The instructor Da Chen gave me some excellent advice that I think will free me to “not be so politically correct” as he said. I had not realized I was being PC but sometimes we need that objective eye to help us “see.”

Da said he can feel restraint in my writing. I can’t have that so I have to let it rip! After all my character is a woman who does as she pleases and to hell with the world’s perception of her.

I’m going to go for now as I have to get to my afternoon workshop at 2 PM – Thank God it is in the room next door.

I hope this has been tasty and informative like
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Love Your Life People!

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