Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Life Goes On!

Life Goes On!
Post #14 – August 12, 2009
1:13 PM

In about 47 minutes, I have a phone interview for a job in Packaging. And, what am I doing? I am blogging. Because I have reviewed all the information about the company and my answers are ready. If this job is for me then it will be mine. I am excited but you know you have to keep on making plans because life goes on! Keeping that in mind, I’ve signed up for full-time substitute teaching. Let the games begin. I will also be teaching a creative writing 8-week continuing education class in my hometown. The class will be 1 night a week for 2 hours and the focus will be character development for fiction writers. If you want to learn how to create great fiction characters sign-up by clicking on the link below.

This is how I live: If a traditional job is not forthcoming, I have to make my own way. We can’t depend on others to make anything happen for us. When you do that, you end up beholden to them. We all can use support, a connection and/or a chance and I am all for that. But just sitting around waiting for the door to be opened for you is tiresome. Just accept that sometimes you have to go in the side window or God forbid the back door. Don’t waste your energy worrying about the way you get in just focus on making sure you get in.

And don’t define yourself by your job. If this recession has one lesson that should be it: You are not what you do. Unfortunately, some people don’t get that. I was just reading online this morning about people who have kept their job loss a secret from their friends and neighbors. The primary reason was they fear those “friends” and “neighbors” will shun them. I hate to tell them but those friends and neighbors are neither. But then again if your whole life is about keeping-up-with-the-Jones, I guess you would be concerned about being shunned. What a sad, sad commentary on the lives of those types of people.

Life goes on! Everyone has to decide for him or herself what type of life they want to live. Then they have to go about manifesting it. A life based on their terms not their neighbors, friends or family. Be courageous and do what you say you want to do!

And be truthful with yourself. Know what you are willing to do and not do. That goes for both your personal and professional life. I don’t want to be VP of anything, not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just not for me. I would rather have a career-ish job position because for me there is so much for to life than work. Employees need to realize that there is no guarantee in their current or future employer’s ability to keep them employed. And an employer should not expect blind loyalty. We should all come to the table from a place of truth: I, the employee, possess a skill set you are seeking while you, the employer, have a compensation package that includes a salary, benefits, and paid vacation. We will exchange what we each possess until it doesn’t work for one or both of us. Truth goes a long way!

Find your place in this world because Life Goes On!

The phone interview went well! Now I will see if they want to bring me into their office for a look-see. I will keep you posted.

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Love Your Life!

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