Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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April 21, 2009

Yes I did go to a wake tonight, met someone who worked at a company I would like to work for and Y-E-S I did ask her if there were any job openings! And I am not ashamed to admit it. Those willing to ask shall receive – the gospel according to Valerie. Who knows what will come of it but at least I put it out there. Will keep you posted.

I might be onto something here. In my area (Fairfield County, CT) a local job board hosts Pink Slip parties but now I’m thinking maybe I could check obits and see what the deceased did for a living and then mosey on over to the wake and meet possible job prospects that way ~ shameful but it could work. LOL Let me know what you think.

Well I did get around to perusing my travel magazines yesterday and wanted to grab my passport and head directly to the airport for a new adventure. I was particularly interested in the newest Budget Travel (May 2009) – lots of good deals aka affordable escapes. Miami Beach was calling me – breaks on rooms – deals on meals – and of course spa savings. If I weren’t going away in May I might have actually gone to airport!

Hope that was tasty and informative enough for now –

Peace & Love

Love Your Life!

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  1. I love the blogs! This is a great format for you!

    LOL...I think going to the wake might be a bit much, but I would do the research about the "newly opened position" and contact HR about it ASAP.

    Speaking of travel, what are your thoughts about Cuba and the possibility of opening the flood gates to travel for all Americans? Based on the news reports, Cuba's not ready for the potential onslaught by us over-privileged Americans, but I curious if you or your travel magazines have any opinions.