Sunday, April 26, 2009

Faulty memory leads to Que Sera Sera

Friday - April 24, 2009

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Hello my lovelies! Today is Friday – Yippeee – I love Fridays whether I am working or not.
Fridays are like a reward and Lord knows I deserve one this Friday after my Thursday, which was a Doozie! How about I called to follow-up about an interview I had 2 weeks ago to the day. And it went a little something like this:

Me: Hello Blah-Blah, It’s Valerie Lee how are you?
Blah-Blah: Valerie? (Tick tock Tick tock Tick tock) Oh hello Valerie.

Oh hello Valerie… OMG - How could she forget me? Let’s get serious people I possess an exuberant, gregarious spirit – I sometimes blind people with my smile and I am a full-figured, voluptuous woman of color. So I figure if she could forget me I do not have a chance at getting that job. My new thing is: Que Sera Sera and after I had my moment where I realized she didn’t really remember me or had to think twice about it – because yes I do think she should have known who I was right away – I said Que Sera Sera.

I’m already onto my new heat-seeking employment options search. Truth be told I can be a team player when necessary but I do so prefer being a individual contributor, which is corporate speak for a non team member. I would much rather have a to-do list and unfettered time and space to do my J-O-B. Just give me the due dates and I’m good to go. So I am now exploring the possibility of utilizing my expertise as a Personal Assistant/Concierge for some rich person. Note I said rich not celebrity. And I mean Oprah-Bill-Gates-dollars aka “folks who are not easily affected by the current economic state of affairs.” I will keep you posted.

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