Sunday, May 26, 2013

Self-Love Lesson #5: E is for Eating

eat: 1. to take into the mouth and swallow for nourishment; chew and swallow (food).
Eating is essential to our survival – you don’t eat you die.  Eat too much you can die as well.  So much drama when it comes to food.  Every woman’s magazine has something about eating – in every issue. Every. Issue. And food is usually presented as something evil that makes you fat, well it does but not by itself. Stop the condemnation of food. Make peace with food. Enjoy food.

Yes some of us human beings eat too much, too little and/or the wrong stuff.  Full disclosure: I am one of the human beings, who eat and love eating the wrong stuff.
Enjoy the act of eating.  Not that- grab-something-on-the-way-out-the-door.  I’m talking about sitting down and consciously eating your food, be it a snack or a full-course meal.

Enjoy what you eat. Take your time. Savor it. Flavor it. Enjoy each bite. Inhale the aroma. Feel the texture of it on your tongue. Allow something melt-able to melt, something hard to shrink, something sweet to tickle, something tart to pucker!
Whatever the food has to offer; let it unfold, evolve, unfurl, and expand in your mouth and spirit! Let your taste buds feel the varied sensations before the chow slides down your throat and starts it journey to your belly.

Be it popcorn, chocolate kisses, steak, salad, ice cream, scrambled eggs with cheese, potato chips, cornbread, raw, cooked and all things crunchy, whatever it is: Enjoy it!

Accept your appetite and the consequences of what you choose to eat. It is that simple.

Mangia! Mangia!  (Eat! Eat!)

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