Sunday, May 26, 2013

Self-Love Lesson #4: D is Dance

Dance your ass off! Be it stylized or completely spastic who cares.   I’m talking about putting some music on and letting your body do what it wants, which may or may not involve rhythm.  I know as I have gotten older I’ve started doing a particular move that reminds me of my Mom’s dance move when she was my age. And to further complicate the matter I’ve had a hip replacement so sometimes I have to have a talk with my lower body and it goes something like this: ‘Come on help a Sistah out!’ to no avail. When all else fails I just let the music move and lead me.

Depending on my mood I’ll turn up whatever is on my iTunes, drop a CD in my CD player, tune in to one of the TV Music channels or access my Pandora account on my phone and just have at it.  I’ve noticed I’ve starting saying and texting ‘have at it’ more and more, what’s up with that? Another post, another time…

So back to the uninhibited, let it fly, let loose dancing. Just be – you and the music.  Sure at first you may look around when you know damn well you are alone but keep it up and you will find you enjoy the process of just dancing. No worrying about whether or not you’ve got your moves down pat, just dance.  

Dance like nobody is watching! 

Now the young woman below is tearing it up in public – more power to her! I’m going to keep my ‘just-dance’ moves to myself, thank you very much.

Bob Nesta Marley had not time for choreography, nope not for him. He felt the vibe and let his spirit ROCK:

Or you can do the Soul Train line all by yourself!

So go on and get your dance on!

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