Saturday, December 8, 2012

Welcome Back to Me!

It’s been 15 months since I last posted here. I started this blog to write about the things I love, cupcakes, traveling and all the good stuff in life with some of the not so good stuff thrown in. Since I last posted my beloved Sister, Daryl returned to the Light on December 31, 2011. In 23 days it will be a year since my life changed forever. So many lives have been changed by Daryl’s absence including family, friends who became like family to Daryl, old friends and acquaintances. Anyone who loved Daryl has been changed forever. Her spirit and essence lingers and washes over those she loves and cares about.

Today’s post is not going to be about the grief, the pain, the lost-ness (yes I make up words) of Daryl returning to the Light. There will be time for that. I will be writing about life in general, my life specifically, my thoughts, my feelings, my desires, my dreams, my observations, things that pique my interest, things that irritate the shit out of me and I will be posting words & images filled with Hope, Love and Inspiration. So buckle up because it’s going be a bumpy ride like life. I hope you enjoy it.

Today I want to write about MORE, MORE, MORE!

This year has been filled with more free time than I knew what to do with. Prior to Daryl’s transition I was out on long-term disability healing from my own cancer relapse that included a hip replacement. I won’t even get started on that situation except to say Daryl was instrumental in motivating me (insert kicking my butt) to get walking again without a walker or cane.

Every time I take a step I am thankful to her for all she did to help me heal. Some days that gratitude turns to anger because I wonder why she can’t be here to witness my healing and more importantly I wish she were here so we could celebrate our healings together but I do realize the situation is what it is and I’ll be posting about that another day.

I am a strong proponent of filling your life and spirit with all that makes you happy. Being responsible for filling yourself up so you are not thirsty or hungry guarantees that you will not depend on someone else to do it for you and it adds to your personal power. Making someone else responsible for your happiness is not only unrealistic but selfish. If someone is occupied with filling you up what’s left for them? Nothing! And if you care for someone, you want them to be joy-filled and satisfied.

All relationships whether they be romantic love, platonic love, sibling love, and/or soul-mate love, should be about enhancement not the expectation of completeness from another.

So I say we all need MORE, MORE, MORE of what makes us happy, fulfilled and joy-filled. Whatever your MOREs are do them, revel in them, fill yourself up with them and don’t change them for anyone.

Some of my MOREs can be seen below - okay maybe not the long walks as I’m still working out the kinks of this new hip, but you get the point…Hell-o! I do keep it real…..

What are your MOREs?

If you handle your MOREs you will never need anyone to handle them for you.

When you handle your MOREs you strengthen yourself.

Be Brave enough to handle your MOREs.

I hope this post has been tasty and informative like Cupcakes and Travel Magazines….until the next time….Valerie

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