Saturday, August 14, 2010

Chemo Brain and the DMV!

August 14, 2010

Why did I get up, get dressed, drive to the DMV- in the next town - stand in one line and then another before I realized my license was NOT expired!!!! That is such a chemo brain move and I have NOT even had my first treatment. Good Lord - Oh, the adventures I will have!

The last time I was at the DMV the entire process was so smooth. Not today though, no today the place like a freaking zoo - people unsure which line to get in, including me. I stood in one line and then realized I was supposed to be in another line only to realize that I was actually in the correct line the first time. Then Daryl called me and asked if I was in DMV hell? I told her yes but I was surprised because my last experience at the good old DMV had been a good one. We chit-chatted for a few minutes about how our Mother aka Babs had complained about the DMV a few weeks earlier when she had to register my Dad's car. He doesn't know it but he will be paying for that misadventure sometime soon.

Then my little voice told me to check my license. So I did. Then I GASPED because the expiration date on my license says 2014! I told Daryl and the next thing I heard was her from the belly-no-holds-barred laugh. All I could say was: Well that's 30 minutes I'm never getting back.

I got out of line, left the building and walked to my car. All the while Daryl is saying: Valerie you are so CRAZY, No you didn't drive to Norwalk and your license is valid, Why did you think your license had expired? Why didn't you check your license before you left? And she was still laughing while asking all those questions. I could only say to her - Girl I AM crazy and this is CRAZY. But that's okay.

I also said: For whatever reason I am supposed to be here in this line at this moment. I believe in things happening for a reason. So for whatever reason I was supposed to spend some time at the DMV this Saturday morning, which also happens to be my cousin Kim Cherie Etheridge Jarvis' Birthday! Birthday shout-out to Kim!!!!!

The adventures I will have. The last time I had chemo I was 36 and now I am 48 so just regular aging coupled with the brain fog you get when on chemo will lead to some great adventures this time around. The adventures I will have. And rest assured I will share them with you. When I can remember.

Paranoia Moment: As you can see, I blocked out my Driver License number, address and birthday. I can't let anyone get my info, steal my identity and go shopping on me. NOT going to happen.

I hope this has been Tasty & Informative like Cupcakes & Travel Magazines!

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