Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I'm Back

Today I’ve decided to return to my blog – I was just scrolling through my FB feed and said to myself: Go and blog. 

This post will be short as I need to do some NOVEL WRITING.  I’ve been good about writing a little each day. Found a great photo with a message to post on my wall by the computer:

            Secret To Writing a Bestseller:
            You write.
            You stop dreaming about writing.
            You stop talking about writing.
            Stop wishing you were writing.
            And you write.  --Jonathan Gunson

It’s working!

The one for sure thing I do want to say today is: Love the folks in your life. Tell them. Show them.

The last few months have been the prime example of life being short. Death seems to be stalking my world lately.  And everyone who has passed was under the age of 50! I told my mom that when she was my age I don’t remember her going to some many funerals – not that I’ve gone to all of them, since Daryl returned to the Universe I’ve only been to two funerals, they are just too hard for me. My mom thought about my observation and realized I was right. The funerals she attended were for older relatives not her peers.

Peers dying so young can get inside your head and play tricks with you and your fears. I’ve asked myself the following questions: Do I have enough time? Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing? When am I going die?

Before I go completely off the rails I emotionally shake myself and say: When it’s your time it will be your time. Your job will be done whether or not you knew what it was. So just keep moving forward, enjoy each day, be grateful and love your people Valerie!  Some days it works and other days when it doesn’t some Haagen-Dazs Butter Pecan will do.

So in closing find what makes you feel good – do it and Love your people! 

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  1. Hi my dear friend Valerie, so happy to see you blogging again. Believe it or not - as you, I've asked myself those same questions over the last few years and come to the conclusion that I was going to live for today as tomorrow might not be here. My "FAITH" is what I lean on and follow, as I know God has a plan for us, we just have to follow his lead. I will enjoy life to the utmost as long as I shall live. I know that’s what my girl Daryl Lee did. Oh! how I admired and respected her views on life and its surroundings. Keep moving forward my friend I am.
    I so grateful for my life, family and good friends (such as yourself) ….xoxoxo