Saturday, January 11, 2014

Going back to cash and writing checks

I've been thinking about going back to cash, which will be a major adjustment b/c I do NOT carry actual money. I usually whip out my bank Visa/debit card without even thinking about it, which leads to me buying stuff I don't really need so I don't 'just' charge $2.00, but with the Target debacle and the for sure many more breaches to come, cash is looking better each day as well as actually writing a check. Right now I write only one for sure check a month = rent. I'm already envisioning the reaction when I say 'Do you have a pen so I can fill out this check?'

I'm sure the young adult behind the register will look at me like I am speaking another language = Old Folks Level 2, which I am very familiar with especially after going into Walgreens a few weeks ago and putting an old film cartridge I found on the counter (see photo below). The young man was visually stunned and said, 'What is that?' I was like okay, okay I get it, you probably don't see these that often. He informed me he had never seen whatever that was and he proceeded to call over the dept manager who was completely gobsmacked by this foreign object in front of him.

Now that I think about it, trying to get my OLD SCHOOL film cartridge developed has prepared me for the looks I will receive when I go back to writing checks.

PS I found a place that develops 'what-is-that' film cartridges and of course I have to mail it to them and wait for my pictures to arrive back via the USPS. Thank God the USPS has not been privatized, which will inevitably raise prices or I might never find out what is on that cartridge.

PPS The film cartridges below are not my actual cartridges. Mine are in better shape. 

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