Saturday, September 28, 2013

Self-Love Lesson #9: I is for Invigorate

By definition invigorate means to fill with life and energy; energize.  Being the writer I am I like to click the thesaurus button and these words popped up: refresh, revitalize, stimulate, enliven, galvanize (good word) and fortify (another fabulous word).  

As you know by now I am on a healing journey through grief as we all are on a similar journey in some shape or form.  Loss is loss whether it is the loss of a loved one, a friend, a job, a marriage/relationship or dream.  Everything is relative. I don’t play that game of my pain, loss, grief, experience and/or trauma is worse than yours, which we human beings engage in all too often.  

I think if we were more conscious and receptive to each other’s losses we would all be the better for it. All of that said I do believe, whatever your trauma, it is your responsibility to work your way through it.  And work it is, because nothing happens just because we want it to and nothing worth having comes easy.

If you have been reading my blog you also know I believe in doing what is good for your spiritual, mental and physical health no matter what anyone else says or feels as long it doesn’t break the law or hurt children.   Some of my favorite quotes that keep me on the path of healing are: 

·        Whatever is good for your soul, do that.  ~Anon
·        If it doesn’t nourish your soul, get rid of it. ~Anon
·        You decide how your soul grows. ~Dodinsky

Whatever you like to do, do it!  Doing what invigorates, fortifies, stimulates, and revitalizes you, will carry you through the moments when those special-made-just-for-you clouds drift into your world.  Think of invigorating yourself as taking a daily spiritual vitamin that will prevent you from completely succumbing to the darkness and make the trips to sad-land much shorter.

Some of my invigorating tools (I know you but I shall restate): reading, spending time with children, any type of pampering activity, eating chocolate, drinking a nice glass of wine with no distractions so you can savor the taste, loud laughing – you know the kind you do with family and friends – just straight up hollering laughing or that deep from the spirit laughing that sounds likes hysterical hissing, dancing by yourself – busting moves you might NOT try outside your house,  singing in the mirror with the proverbial hairbrush mic, and binge watching a series that you never got around to watching on its regular night.  As the song goes, these are a few of my favorite things.

We all have stuff/shit/issues to deal with so figure out the best and most satisfying way to make it through. Whatever makes you smile, cry tears of joy, laugh with your heart and just plain old feel good: DO IT!

Cheers to invigorating yourself!

Peace, Love & Light on your Journey ~

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