Thursday, March 14, 2013

Why, Why, Why?

Why is Hollywood making a film version of the 1970’s hit Good Times? Yes we all loved the television series but some things are best left as they were. I understand Hollywood’s desire to have a guaranteed built-in audience but da-yum let’s make some original movies with casts of color.

There is a new crop of young, hungry actors/film-makers who are writing new material, pulling the money together and making their own films like my God-son Corey L. Gaddis (he’s wearing the orange tee in the photo) and his crew of dream-makers making the web-series How Men Become Dogs. Right now the trailer can be seen on the Issa Rae channel on YouTube @

The first episode will re-premiere on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 on:

I’m not saying making films is easy or cheap but come on successful African-American actors, directors and producers, pool your resources and make some films. Nobody is asking for a $120 million-big-budget-CPG-filled event. I would be happy with some small, spirit-moving, good-feeling films that show blackfolks loving and living on the big-screen just like we do everyday.

I love going to the movies and have always been able to find me on the screen in characters who look nothing like me. So how about a novel idea: make some films where all versions of blackfolks can traipse across the screen and just tell a story. I’m not asking much.

Black Hollywood make some shit happen!

Until we meet again I hope this has been Tasty and Informative like Cupcakes & Travel Magazines....

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