Sunday, June 27, 2010

More Magazine!

Hello People! I know I have missed a few days but that could not be prevented - had to finish a paper for my MFA program. Now onto my post for today - June 27, 2010.

I received my issue of More magazine last week and had to laugh out-loud - again. I laughed because when I first saw More on the stands a few years ago I immediately thought it was a magazine for full-figured women like moi!So I purchased it thinking I knew what was between the pages. I was leafing through the magazine and remember saying to myself where are the plus sized women? What kind of plus size magazine is this? So I went back to the beginning and started again - then realized it was for women over 40! Not a problem there since I was indeed over 40 so I relaxed and started reading the magazine for what it was - and lo and behold I enjoyed it.

I picked it up from the stand on and off until last year or two years ago when I got myself a subscription. More's tagline: For Women of Style & Substance - alright now! And for advertising purposes, it is described as: More is the leading voice of today’s sophisticated, affluent and accomplished woman, who is enjoying the richest years of her life, sharing news and advice on beauty, fashion, health, career, travel, money and relationships from her distinct perspective. I am a More Woman and I'm sure you are too so check it out, even if you aren't over 40.

I also love the fact that I thought it was one thing and it turned out to be something else. A something else that still fit me. I like to think my More magazine incident was a lovely mistake.

I hope this has been tasty and informative like Cupcakes & Travel Magazines.....

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