Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Flu, Regular Old Flu or Plain Old Stomach Virus

Post #6 – Friday – May 1, 2009

Yesterday, I thought I might be a victim of the swine flu that is sweeping the world. But it turns out all I have is a regular old stomach virus, which is nothing to sneeze at, no pun intended. Flu symptoms are as follows:

1-Fever (usually high) – Nope
2-Headache – Nope
3-Tiredness (can be extreme) – Slightly
4-Cough – Nope
5-Sore throat – Nope
6-Runny or stuffy nose – Yes but I attributed that to my case of slight allergies
7-Body aches – Nope
8a & 8b – Diarrhea & vomiting (more common among children than adults) – Yes to the first symptom and I felt like I was going to vomit but it never materialized

I was getting ready to head off to meet my writing mentor when symptom #8A starting calling my name – no details necessary I am sure – and wouldn’t stop calling me. Well needless to say I had to cancel my meeting, which I was disappointed about because I like meeting with Pete (Duval) of Fairfield University and talking about writing, my writing, and the craft of writing.

Of course when I started to feel yucky earlier in the day I did not immediately make the flu connection: swine or regular. So of course when I did make the connection I went from 0 to 60 in 10 seconds! But all is getting better now. I will take it easy this weekend.

Make sure you all review the above symptoms and determine if you have the flu, swine flu or regular old stomach virus. Hopefully you won’t have any of the symptoms.

Wash those hands and don’t overdo it on the hand sanitizer because we all need a certain amount of germs in our lives~

Not so Tasty today but still Informative like Cupcakes & Travel Magazines!

Love Your Life!

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