Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Oh Noooooo You're a Republican!

Have you ever realized that someone you've known for years is the opposite of you regarding politics? Well that happened to me today. I was aghast when I found out she was a republican. I literally put my hand up between her and I. I was like Noooooooooooooo in my head.

She couldn't believe I am a Democrat, which is funny b/c most folks make an assumption with me being Black and all. She is white. We talked, went back and forth for a few. I was trying to figure out how I missed this. I started going over our past conversations, flipping through them at mach speed as if I were zipping through an old school Rolodex.

And then she told me to get the real truth I needed to watch Fox News. I thought I was watching a bad comedy show. I asked her if she were serious or joking. She said she was serious. She said you have to watch Sean Hannity to get the truth. I asked her 3x if she were serious about Sean and she said she was and seemed perplexed at my asking her that question. So I said 'Let's stop now.' And I took my four fingers and let them meet my thumb in the stop-talking-sign message.

Before moving on I told her I watch MSNBC. I offered that most of the shows on MSNBC are opinion and they don't try to say their opinion shows are news like faux news. I had to get that out before we moved on.

We've always talked about positivity, life, traveling and stuff like that. I don't even remember how we got onto politics today. I am proud that while we were both horrified at the other's choices we managed to move onto something we both agreed on, which is: Rachel white-woman-faking-black Dolezal is beyond crazy. LOL

PS I did wish I had some Holy Water to sprinkle on her and I'm not even Catholic. LOL

Hope this has been tasty & entertaining like Cupcakes & Travel Magazines!

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