Monday, July 15, 2013

Self-Love Lesson #7: G is for Gratefulness & Gratitude

I practice gratitude and being grateful because it helps me feel good and see my world in a better light.  I believe it aids my physical health as well as my mental outlook.  The conscious ritual of practicing gratitude, be it speaking out loud, praying, or writing it down forces me to take time to be with me and with my God. 

I notice the more grateful I am the more I have to be grateful for.  Some days I make sure I find at least three things to appreciate and then some days I’ll fill an entire page in my journal and still other times it is just a prayer spoken from my heart. And yes some days when it is all just too much I humbly say a simple Thank You and know my God is fine with that.  

I give thanks for a lot of things some serious most not: the new day, my ability to hear, see, think, smell, laugh, book a vacation trip, my Mom and her special blend of crazy, medical researchers and drug companies for finding cures, healings and balms every day, my Mom’s example of faith, the loving people in my life, Daryl who was always was a light and seeker of knowledge, the ‘winks’ she sends my way, my sister, Brenda, the strength of my dad James W. Davis, Sr., my cable DVR, Robin Thicke’s new jam, ‘Blurred Lines,’ Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream, Facebook because it allows me to check in on folks I care about but don’t get to see often, my new favorite wine, Sirius from the Sakonnet Winery in Little Compton, Rhode Island, the sound of laughter gurgling out of my friend Julia’s new grand-babies, Kacidee Daryl & Keyon Denzel Parker, and lazy Sunday afternoons, to name just a few.   

Gratitude and being grateful makes a difference in my life.   

I am glad I do it. Give it a try!

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