Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm Listening!

My Note from the Universe today told me what more Love means: More love, Valerie, means laughing longer, living lighter, running faster, jumping higher, starting sooner, staying later and a zippier peace. At least for some people... you know, hypothetically. More love, The Universe. Love more, Valerie, live more.

And I’m going to try to work that advice. I usually tell people: ‘You’re not trying, you’re doing.’ It’s a short and snappy reply that usually makes whomever I am talking to feel better. And that usually works for me too but lately all I’m feeling is ‘I’m trying.’ That’s all I got. And, I’m good with that. I’ll get back into the ‘You ain’t trying you are doing Valerie’ flow but for right now I’m trying is just fine. No pressure on myself to be okay all the time. The weight of the truth of the situation is seeping in and I have to say it feels hopeless sometimes. And then the tears flow, then they stop, and slowly my labored breathing returns to a in and out syncopation that is not yet familiar to me, you see I am learning to breathe all over again. So after the current-rhythm-for-me settles in I feel better than the moment before.

That is the work that is before me now, to find my new syncopation. And to do that I have to open myself up to me – listen to me – trust me – realize I will fall down and know that I will get back up. I have to because where I am today is not a place I want to stay long nor is it a place from which I can live the life I want.

So what is the life I want to live? I have an idea, you know that overall-partially-specific notion that I think will make me happy but now I have to get down to the nuts and bolts of how I get there. For sure I know I will get there because I am ready (today at least - lol) to do the work of asking those deep-down-necessary-but-can-be-scary questions and more importantly I am courageous enough (again, at least today) to listen for the answers and act on them.

Life is good. I do know that crystal clear truth. Sometimes it gets hazy and foggy but the truth of those words, are always there for me to sit before and breathe in. Sure the goodness is a little harder to find these days but it is still findable. Yes it is.

Until the next time –

I hope this has been Tasty and Informative like Cupcakes & Travel Magazines……

Peace & Serenity to you all - Valerie

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